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Book Reviews

“Narrative Care”: Review of International Perspectives on Reminiscence, Life Review and Life Story Work, ed. Faith Gibson


“The Impossible Writer”: Review of Franz Kafka: The Poet of Shame and Guilt, by Saul Friedlander


Review of Memoir: A History, by Ben Yagoda


Review of Death in the Classroom: Writing about Love and Loss, by Jeffrey Berman


“Lives of the Philosophers”: Review of Autobiography as Philosophy: The Philosophical Uses of Self-Presentation, eds. Thomas Mathien and D.G. Wright


“The Science, and Art, of Consciousness”: Review of David Lodge’s Consciousness and the Novel: Connected Essays, by David Lodge


“Telling It Like It Wasn’t”: Review of Memory & Narrative: The Weave of Life-Writing, by James Olney


“The Book of Life (and Vice Versa)”: Review of recent works on and by Marcel Proust


“Squeezing the Slave Out”: Review of Truth Comes in Blows: A Memoir, by Ted Solotaroff

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